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Video Description: Jackie has a big smile across her face today in the gloryhole, but that's not the only thing that's big on Jackie. She boasts an amazing pair of ALL-NATURAL 34Ds under that tight top she's wearing and they will soon make an appearance as she sucks off more dicks than she ever has before. Jackie estimates she has only blown about 40 guys in her life. She is about to pump her stats by 25 in the next 45 minutes as all those guys on the other side of the wall pump her face with their anonymous dicks and pump her throat with loads of stranger cum...

Genre: Glory Hole Secrets, GloryHoleSecrets, Rebel Rhyder, , Boobs, Oral, Sperma

Video Description: With a rebel yell, she cried more, more, more! More cocks, that is, as we welcome aficionado Rebel to the gloryhole for the first time. It's a mystery how it took so long for this popular to get on her knees in our booth, but the wait was worth it. Rebel brings with her today a BRAND NEW SET OF DDs she is showing off to the world for one of the very first times. FUN FACT- her boobs used to be a B and a C, but now they match beautifully. A master deep-throater, Rebel can take up to ten inches of human cock down her throat, or up to 18 inches of . This woman is a sword-swallower! We won't say she missed her calling because she is an exemplary mattress actress and cock sucker. She'll prove it today in the gloryhole as she sucks and swallows a team of strangers' loads all the way down her throat. Interestingly enough, Rebel didn't suck a dick until after the first time she had sex at 18. She thought she didn't like sex until she met her husband (oh yeah, she's MARRIED) a few years later and he showed her the way. If any of the guys on the other side of the wall are wearing pocket protectors or have an encyclopedic knowledge of Star Trek, they're probably going to have a good chance with Rebel since she likes the nerdy guys. She also likes them older. Not one to discriminate, Rebel also likes girls, particularly the ones with big boobs. Nice. Rebel only rates herself a very modest 8.5 or nine on the cock-sucking ten-scale, but you'll have to be the judge after watching her performance on her knees in the hole. We think you'll score her higher. Sound off in the comments and tell us if you think Rebel should come back for a second round in the booth. We'll keep her number handy and if the members vote that way, we'll bring Rebel back to suck even more dicks and swallow more loads of cum at GloryholeSecrets!

Genre: Gloryhole Secrets, GloryholeSecrets, Emori Pleezer, , Boobs, Oral, Sperma

Video Description: Welcome to the Cum Closet. Ever wondered what lies at the end of those dark hallways in dimly-lit, nearly abandoned buildings late at night? Sexy 23-year-old Emori is about to find out. The building's creepy caretaker leads her down that seedy hallway into his secret closet and has her pull back a panel to reveal a suspicious hole in the wall. Much to Emori's pleasant surprise, a hard cock pops through that hole seconds later for her to do whatever she wants with it. She does the first thing that comes to her mind and sucks on the anonymous shaft presented to her. Emori uses her mouth to get that stranger off without knowing so much as his name, let alone his face. Just as quickly and mysteriously as that first dick popped through the hole for Emori's attention, a second comes through for her to satisfy. She uses her whole upper body, her mouth, tongue, and big, natural tits to satisfy the parade of cocks presenting themselves to her through the wall. They pop down her throat, on her face, and on her big boobs, leaving Emori covered in cum by the time she needs to take the walk of shame out of the Cum Closet. Before she takes that walk, though, she has to get herself off to relieve all that pent-up horniness from sucking off all those strange guys. Emori fingers herself to a huge orgasm, then gets dressed quickly, still a sticky mess from all the cum covering her face and body. She slinks out into the night, but it won't be long until she finds her way back here for another protein feeding in the Cum Closet.
Katlyn Keys - Kaylynn's Second Gloryhole Video [FullHD 1080p]

Genre: Gloryhole Secrets, GloryholeSecrets, Katlyn Keys, Boobs, Oral, BBC, Sperma,

Video Description: Back by popular demand, bombshell Kaylynn or Kyla, as she likes to be called is back in the gloryhole! Things are a little different for her second go-round in the booth today instead of starting off with a full interview, she's going to begin by getting herself off with the wand. After Kyla rings her bell a few times complete with some SQUIRTING, she's going to give a dick sucking tutorial as she sucks off and swallows her strangers this time. Kyla is such an expert, she wants to share her skills with the enthusiasts of the gloryhole world. She explains how she gets to know each cock, how it reacts and what info those reactions give her, then eventually she just goes to town and starts sucking at full speed. Kyla is a very vocal cock sucker who makes a lot of noise with a dick in her mouth. She calls herself Ms. Pacman because of the wokka, wokka, wokka sound she makes while sucking guys off. Watch also how her eyes water when she really takes a guy deep down her bottomless throat. She claims if her mascara isn't running, she's not giving 100. Kyla works so hard on her knees in the booth that she deserves an award this week. The gloryhole assistant breaks out the wand and vibes Kyla to a couple more orgasms as she continues to suck off her succession of strangers. A total exhibitionist who hates wearing clothes, Kyla is completely naked by this point. The foot fans are in for a treat this week as Kyla gives the last guy a full-on foot job before he finally blows his load in her mouth. This is a truly unique week on Tell us what you think of it in the comments and if you want Kyla back for a third appearance. Just imagine what new things she could do next time if she comes back again to GloryholeSecrets!

Genre: Gloryhole Secrets, GloryholeSecrets, Spencer Bradley, 9 cumshots, Blow Jobs, Brunettes, Cum in mouth, Cum Swallow, Deepthroat, First Time, , , , Sperma, Oral

Video Description: It may be pitch black in the gloryhole as usual, but there is some serious star power shining in there today with the stunning Spencer in the booth. A bonafide award-nominated starlet, this will be Spencer's FIRST GLORYHOLE EVER and her first time swallowing this many loads of cum. She's kind of giving off a girl-next-door/Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island vibe in the outfit she chose today. However, she'll be more like Ginger today sucking off more than just seven stranded castaways while down on her knees. It doesn't really matter who you prefer in the great Mary Ann/Ginger debate, Spencer doesn't stay dressed for long in the booth and totally comes into her own once she is naked and sucking those strangers' dicks. She is a deep-throat expert and gives a supremely messy , complete with lots of throat yogurt. A mix of strangers' sperm and Spencer's spit ends up in her ample bush by the time she is done draining the cum out of her faceless men on the other side of that wall. In her interview, Spencer tells us she didn't learn to swallow until after a couple solid months of sucking cocks. However, once she figured it out, she fell in love with it. She also stresses the convenience of not having to find a place to spit it out. When it comes to the source of the cum, Spencer likes a girthy gentleman below the belt, but not too big. After all, she is only 5'0" and 100 lbs., so there is only so much she can fit inside her. Some other facts and figures on Spencer: she's 26 and estimates she's taken down about 300 men. Confident in her abilities, Spencer rates herself a firm eight on the cock-sucking ten scale. She does drain 100% of her gentlemen, so it may be hard to argue her score. However, members are always welcome to argue their points in the comments. You also get to decide whether or not Spencer gets to come back to suck off even more dicks next time, but that's probably more of a question of when rather than if. Watch Spencer swallow more semen than were aboard the S.S. Minnow, then keep coming back each week to see her return to GloryholeSecrets!

Genre: Glory Hole Secrets, GloryHoleSecrets, Luna Mills, Asian,†Blow Jobs,†Brunettes,†Busty,†Cum in mouth,†Cum Swallow,†Deepthroat,†First Time,†,†,†, Sperma

Video Description: It's another smiling new face in the gloryhole this week with 18-year-old Luna doing her FIRST GLORYHOLE SCENE EVER! She is an exotic mix of Vietnamese and Cambodian who has an unbridled passion for sucking dick. Normally you wouldn't expect a girl with that background to be rocking an awesome set of natural 34Ds, but Luna flaunts them proudly on her 5'2" frame. Of course at her age, Luna is new to shooting and has only been in a handful of scenes. She has never had more than a couple dicks at the same time and nowhere near this much cum down her throat before. Luna produces a prodigious quantity of throat yogurt when sucking off her team of cocks today. It pools up below her as the cock count rises and she slips around in the two converging puddles under each hole. A definite sub and a pleaser, Luna gets off on satisfying a bunch of faceless strangers she'll never know or see again. She estimates she has sucked about 50 dicks in her life so far, so she is about to pad her stats by 20% today. Did we mention she's only 18? Luna likes to suck balls; she mentions it a couple times in her interview and proves it once she is down on her knees in the booth. That certainly helps back up her self-determined score of eight or nine on the cock-sucking ten scale. She was reluctant to even give herself a number because she is so humble. However, that is always the sign of a girl who gives an awesome . See for yourself as you watch her FIRST GLORYHOLE EVER, then share your rating in the comments below. If they're as high as expected, Luna will be back on her knees in no time sucking off another team of anonymous dicks on GloryholeSecrets!

Genre: Gloryhole Secrets, GloryholeSecrets, Aften Opal, 7 cumshots,†Blow Jobs,†Brunettes,†Cum in mouth,†Cum Swallow,†Deepthroat,†First Time,†,†,†Petite

Video Description: Today is a day of firsts for 22-year-old Aften. She has never seen a real gloryhole before, let alone been in one to suck off a bunch of strangers on the other side. Even though she looks innocent and unassuming with her Ariana Grande ponytail, Aften loves giving head and considers herself quite the pro. Her favorite part is when the guy is just about to cum and she can feel him tensing up to explode down her throat. The lucky cocks that get down Aften's throat are usually buried pretty deeply, considering what an expert deep-throater she is. Watch how far down she gets those rods in her GLORYHOLE DEBUT. Aften is able to practice at home too because she is MARRIED. Her husband knows she is here in the booth today and it gets him off knowing she is satisfying other men with her expert oral skills. She loves being used and giving other men pleasure and he likes to watch. No wonder their relationship works! Speaking of being used and giving other men pleasure, you might just be able to see Aften soon over on too. Stay tuned. Aften rates herself a full ten on the dick sucking ten-scale. Lots of times that's a sign of over confidence, but Aften delivers with a perfect score down on her knees in the booth, so it's hard to dispute her self-proclaimed high rating. Do you agree Aften is a perfect ten? Sound off in the comments and let us know. If the members concur with Aften, maybe she'll be back for another go-round to suck off and swallow the loads of even more guys next time, but that's all up to you, subscribers. Tell us what you think and maybe you'll see Aften again here on GloryholeSecrets!

Genre: Glory hole Secrets, GloryholeSecrets, Kourtney Rae, Blow Jobs,†Brunettes,†Cum in mouth,†Cum Swallow,†Deepthroat,†First Time,†,†Petite,†, , Sperma

Video Description: Kourtney is a 24-year-old country girl who absolutely loves sucking cock! Though you may detect a slight Texas twang in her voice from where she was born, Kourtney is a California girl who likes living in the woods where she can suck as many dicks as she wants as loudly as she wants and none of her neighbors will complain (especially the ones she blows). Despite her expertise in the oral arts, this will be Kourtney's FIRST GLORYHOLE EXPERIENCE. Most of the holes around Kourtney's house are filled with squirrels and gophers instead of a parade of hard cocks for her to suck off and swallow their loads. What's beautiful about Kourtney is she is such an unashamed cock demon. Her eyes light up when she talks about sucking and swallowing all that cum from the anonymous strangers on the other side of the wall. Fortunately she likes salty foods too, so that will certainly help Kourtney accomplish her mission in the booth today. A proud sub, Kourtney was very popular a few years ago in high school for giving handjobs and to her fellow band nerds. After graduating, Kourtney tried to become a firefighter, but has recently moved on to playing with hoses in a different capacity. She only rates herself a modest seven or eight on the cock-sucking ten scale, but watch her gloryhole video and see how modest a girl Kourtney turns out to be. Tell us your rating for Kourtney in the comments and let us know if you want to see her back. We have a feeling it won't be too long before this smoke show is playing with more hoses again for another four alarm session in the booth on GloryholeSecrets.

Genre: Gloryhole Secrets, GloryholeSecrets, Liv Revamped, Oral, Sperma

Video Description: Few girls have been as popular as Liv when she made her debut, that's why she's back for a victory lap by popular demand from the fans! One of the reasons she is so popular is because she has such great energy. Liv is not back just to rehash what she has done in the booth before she is here to meet some new challenges and try some new tricks with more holes than just her pretty mouth. That's not to say Liv won't still be sucking and swallowing the loads of a ton of strangers, but she will also be taking a couple loads in her pussy this time! Liv is very comfortable taking more than one penis per sitting she likes gangbangs and group stuff a lot. A dog mom, Liv likes to spend time at home with her three pups, but when she goes out, Liv likes to let it all hang out. At just 4'11, Liv is fun-sized. One thing that is bigger on Liv, while maybe not still qualifying for fun-sized but it's still a lot of fun, is Liv's amazing ass. It's one of the best in the business and is really a joy to behold. Her ass is so jaw-dropping that it's caused car accidents. Liv turns around in her interview to show it off in her ripped jean shorts, then we get to see a lot more of her butt once she gets down on her knees in the booth naked and starts sucking off her guys. Liv rates herself an 11 on the dick-sucking ten scale. Normally that's a red flag, but Liv is the one who can get away with setting expectations so high and living up to them then blowing them away, literally. Don't take our word for it, watch her spankin' new gloryhole scene and judge for yourself. How can Liv build on her impressive gloryhole resume for next time? Her answer is butt stuff. Leave it to Liv and us to leave something to look forward to on GloryholeSecrets!
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